Astronomy: Celestron C90 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

Following in the footsteps of histories geeks and nerds such as Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton I am a big time astronomy geek.

However, living in the capital of the world (London) as I do, it is tough to escape the light pollution. That’s why I chose to complement my existing newtonian 150/1200mm skywatcher telescope with a travel scope for when I am going to some true dark skies.
So here I will give my views on the Celestron C90 spotting scope.
What’s in the box?
The scope (obviously) along with a 32mm plossi eye piece, a finder scope (plus finder scope mount), a 45 degree erect image diagonal and a padded bag.
How heavy?
It’s not very heavy to carry, but too heavy for smaller tripods, especially if you stick a camera on the built in T-Adapter.
Viewing quality?
It has a 90mm diameter aperture so not too good for dim objects in the night sky. However, the optics are top quality and for brighter objects such as planets and the moon it provides super sharp images. I was able to see two bands on jupiter, through my window in the middle of London.
I can’t fault the looks, build quality and performance of this scope. It does exactly what it’s supposed to at a reasonable price. I see it becoming as essential as my camera for when I go traveling.
One downside, is that you’ll find yourself wanting a small equatorial mount to complement the scope.
Please remember, liking to look at stars and moonlit skies doesn’t make you a geek or a nerd. Knowing the mass of jupiter and how to polar align an equatorial mount, does.

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