Zombie Books

Books – great, horror books – better, books about zombies – the best!

I have been on a major zombie book readfest and I thought I would share my views on my latest reads.

World War Z
It’s easy to write about this book without going on about the awesome movie for the simple reason that the movie and the book are almost completely different.

   Book Cover

Both book and movie are great in their own way. The book however, delves into the geopolitics, covers military tactics that could be employed and presents the horrors of a zombie apocalypse from different standpoints.
If you’ve seen the movie then understand that the book is just as good and is completely different
I love this book.
Walking Dead books
These books pale in comparison to the comic books and the TV series. I don’t know if it’s because the comics and the TV series are so great or because the books are average.
Walking Dead Book
Reading these books I feel like the Walking Dead cash cow is being milked for every drop.
Huge fan of the comics, massive fan of the TV series. I would recommend ‘Rise Of The Governor’ but I would give the rest a miss and just watch the TV series.
Rot and Ruin Quadrilogy (Benny Imura Series)
Jonathan Maberry has done to zombie killing heros what JK Rowling has done for wizards only better because Harry Potter is lame and the Imura brothers rock!
Rot and Ruin
Ok, it’s a zombie-horror genre targeted at the younger reader but doesn’t stop it from being a great read, the order of the books is rot, dust, flesh and fire. It’s a four book story with each book standing on its own merits and there is certainly no filler here. Solid story line.
Night of the Living Trekkies
Reading this book is great fun. Being a Star Trek and zombie fan this book delivered the full double dose of nerdy goodness.
Night of the living trekkies
The story is action packed to the end. If you ever wanted to know how klingon weapons fair against zombies then this is where you’ll find out.
As a professional nerd I felt this book was written for me. 
News Flesh Trilogy
Mira Grant knows her shit! She sets a story in the not too distant future and the action comes from so many directions it’s hard to classify these books.
News Flesh
The world which the story is set in is believable, the science is rigorous (but never boring), the political commentary is relatable, and the action is fast and gripping.

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