Destination Star Trek London

I recently went to Destination Star Trek London at the ExCel Centre.
I wouldn’t have bothered had I known it was organised by Ferengis.

Overall the conventions was good but I would put that down to my ability to have a good time and make lemonade when life gives you lemons; and Destination Star Trek London was quite the bag of lemons!

Let’s start with the pricing structure was such that you buy a convention ticket and then you buy tickets to the main event.
The convention tickets were structured as platinum (why they didn’t use ‘latnum’ as a ticket tier: I don’t know…), gold and silver.

In most conventions you would expect silver and above tickets to be limited in numbers but not here. Which means that if you did splash out for a gold ticket, say, you would still have to wait in long queues.

So would it be better to buy a regular ticket?… Nope, because even though (I estimate) 30% of the ticket holders are silver and above; 80% of the space for the talks were allocated to silver and above. So holding a standard ticket means that you get to see an event (paid for separately) from the very back even if there were spaces towards the front.

I went to Fed Con in Dusseldorf a year ago and have to say that it is far better.

Here is a photo of Sir Patrick Stewart from far away

And here is website for Destination Star Trek
Destination Star Trek London

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