Star Trek (2009)

If you are not a trekkie then go ahead an watch this movie, its great. It’s like Star Wars meets Cronicles of Riddick meets Back to the Future… all good films

On the other hand if you are a trekkie then DO NOT WATCH. I was so disappointed and I’m sharing this so that fellow trekkies don’t bother wasting their time. Be warned the following contains spoilers (as if it is possible to spoil something like this)

1) There are adverts all over the place. It is cringe-worthy the way young James Kirk answers his Nokia phone and how Uhura orders a ‘Bud Classic’
First of all, at the rate that Research In Motion (Blackberry) and Apple (Iphone) are eating away at Nokia’s market share, I doubt they will survive the next decade let alone until the 23rd century !
And then there is Bud Classic. Buzweiser is some sweet disgusting stuff and I hope that future generation would be smart enough to not drink that crap

2) What the f*ck is Red Matter ?! The makers of the movie make no attempt to explain this stuff. Now as any trekkie knows that a good dose of pseudo science makes good science fiction. You can’t invent some magical substance without inventing the science behind it, it’s not Harry Potter !
Also why did they have 50 gallons of the stuff if it only takes a drop to make a black hole ?


3) An alternate reality is a bit like saying that everything you just saw was a dream and never really happened to the characters except that an alternate reality based on some dodgy time travelling (and ignoring the obvious temporal paradoxes) is saying that everything you know of the future (i.e. Star Trek series and movies, Next generation and movies, deap space nine and voyager) were all a dream. “oh by the way, remember all those episodes of star trek when they visited the Vulcan home world, well now they never happened because it got destroyed killing all but 10,000 Vulcans”.

4) How can Uhura and Spock be an item?!, The kiss between Uhura and Kirk was a defining moment in American television (first interracial kiss) which is now diminished by the fact that they turned Uhura into some intergalactic hussy who will snog anyone.

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